PiezoSleep 非侵入 式老鼠睡眠活动监測系統

PiezoSleep 非侵入式老鼠睡眠活动监測系統

PiezoSleep使用非 侵入的方式实时測得动物的活动/睡眠狀态,物無需 為此接受任何的手术或裝置植入。隨附的 數據記錄軟體可以自記錄下物每一刻的清醒/睡眠狀态, 且無需任何人力!可幫您 省下大量的人工判讀腦電圖/肌電圖 來統計 睡眠情形的時間。




Mouse System

System modified for use

with traditional mouse


The PiezoSleep Behavioral Tracking

System integrates piezoelectric

sensor, data acquisition hardware

and soware with custom cages for

automated sleep/wake scoring.

What’s New

Non-invasive Alternative to EEG/EMG Sleep Scoring

Simultaneous piezoelectric and EEG/EMG data was recorded

for twenty-four hours from twenty mice. The EEG/EMG data

was independently scored by two trained human scorers

and compared against the sleep/wake scores generated by

SleepStats. Recall/sensitivity for detection is 91.4% for sleep

and 92.3% for wake. Specificity of calls is 91.4% for sleep

and 92.3% of wake.

SleepStats analysis soware classifies the piezoelectric

signal into "Sleep" or "Wake" every 2 seconds. A

combination of features, extracted from the piezo

signal, are used to classify the data into the two states.

System Validation: The classifier was validated by

comparing its results against the gold standard method

of human sleep scoring of EEG/EMG.


Non-invasively detects

targeted behavioral states &

shakes the cage to disrupt

behavior. Adjustable

amplitude & frequency.

System Basics

Calamari / Squid Box

PiezoSleep Soware


(Data Display & Logging Soware)

(Data Acquisition Hardware)

(Data Analysis Soware)

(Mouse / Rat)

(Piezo Sensor)


Sleep / Wake Scoring

Breathing Rate

Activity Monitor

Heart Rate [Rats Only]

PiezoSleep Behavioral

Tracking System Applications


Sleep studies:

Basic research

Disease models

Preclinical drug testing

Sleep phenotyping

Respiratory rate tracking

Activity tracking

Providing real-time feedback control for:

Targeted sleep disruption

Sleep apnea simulation

Optogenetics applications

Heart rate tracking

Seizure detection

Rat System

Complete Piezo system

now available for rats

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