Roboz德国高 品质动物外科器械
进口德 国高品质动物外科手术器械-ROBOZ
High quality German Surgical Instruments primarily used in research and education.

For over 50 years, Roboz Surgical Instrument Company has been providing researchers with the highest quality European-made surgical instruments. Our surgical instrument catalog features over 900 products, ranging from the finest-tipped Vannas spring scissors and #5 Dumont tweezers, to Gluck rib shears and heavy duty Hercules scissors, ensuring that we meet all of our customers’ surgical instrument needs, regardless of application.

Our selection of fine surgical instruments includes a wide variety of tweezers and forceps, scissors, bone instruments, surgical and vascular clips and clamps, scalpels, retractors, wound closure and vascular access instruments, instrument care and handling products and much more.

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