VitalView植入式 生理信号无线遥测系统4000

无线遥 测实验动物和临床研究: 活动量、体温、心率

无线遥测实验动物:  活动量、体温、心率

VitalView植入式 生理信号无线遥测系统4000

用于长 时间测量清醒无束缚的鼠兔猫狗猴鱼等动物的心率,体温和 活动量等生理参数。使用此 系统可以保证动物在笼内自由活动,不需要麻醉或束缚,这样测 量到的生理信号更能反映自然状态下的动物生理状况, 满足GLP实验室要求 .

系统由植入体(E-Mitter)、接收 数据转换器(Receiver)电缆和记录分析计算机(VitalView )构成。1-厘米大小的植入体E-Mitter集成了传感器、放大器 和无线信号发射器,根据测 量信号不同有多种规格。植入式E-Mitter转发器不需电池, 接收数据转换器(Receiver) 输出电力 操作者 将植入体埋入动物皮下,生理信 号被植入体采集到并转换成相应的电信号后用无线电发射出来,由饲养 笼下方的接收器接收到并传递给数据转换器,完成数 据转换后送入中央处理器进行数据处理。系统最多可同时连接32个接收器,完成大规模的试验。

植入体(E-Mitter)是植入 在动物体内的微型设备,它集成了传感器, 放大器, 数字转换, 无线发 射的功能并解决了生物体的抗排异反应. 入体有用于测量生物心率,体温和活动量等多种参数的规格,具体说明如下:


  • 无线遥测
  • 植入式E-Mitter转发器电池
  • 长期监测-植入装置允许连续、遥测实验动物一生
  • 准确、可靠, 报告清醒无束缚动物的 生理和行为数据.


VitalView植入式 生理信号无线遥测系统4000, 2010 05.doc

E-Mitter Specifications 参数:

E-Mitter temperature range温度范围

33° C - 41° C

E-Mitter accuracy精度

± 0.1° C

G2 E-Mitter size / weight大小/重量

15.5 mm x 6.5 mm 毫米/ 1.1 gm

G2 HR E-mitter size / weight大小/重量

19.5 mm x 3.5mm毫米/ 1.5 gm

TA E-Mitter size / weight大小/重量

23 mm x 8 mm毫米/ 1.6 gm

HR E-Mitter size / weight 大小/重量

26 mm x 8 mm毫米/ 2.2 gm

HR measuring range心率测量范围

120 - 780 BPM


Gross motor activity only粗大活动

接收数据转换器为ER-4000 Energizer Receiver, 用于塑 料盒中的小动物和金属笼中的大动物生理信号测量. 每个接收数据转换器Receiver)可以连接32E-mitter, 供给4E-mitter电力, VitalView软件可 以进行生理信号自动分析.


The ER4000 Receiver powers E-Mitters and receives measurement data back. It conveniently fits under most standard lab animal cages.

ER4000激发接收器: 输出电力给E-Mitters接收E-Mitters回来的量数据

接收器(Receivers)与植入体一一对应,内置十字形天线,可接收 塑料笼或铁制笼内的信号。同一接 收器也可在不同时间接收不同植入体的信号。

ER-4000 Energizer/Receiver size规格

56 cm x 29 cm x 7 cm

Communication type通讯设定

RS 232 serial

Number of receivers possible接收数据通道


Number of receivers per power supply



Receiver spacing required


30 cm (horizontal); 20 cm (vertical)

E-Mitter transmission range E-Mitter 传输距离

12 cm above ER-4000


VitalView植入式 生理信号无线遥测系统4000

VitalView Data Acquisition System Series 4000 – – Heart Rate, Temperature and Activity – 1 Subjects – using no-battery G2 E-Mitter transponders


855-0035-00 VITALVIEW Software & Hardware Card软件和硬件卡



060-0052-05 C-9 Y-Cable and Connector Set – 5 m. Y线和连结器



060-0052-01 C-9 Y-Cable and Connector Set – 1 m. Y线和连结器



880-0001-00 ER-4 Power Supply 电源



800-000x-00 Power Cord – China电源线



874-0001-00 ER-4000 Energizer Receiver 激发器接收器



870-0020-00 G2 E-Mitter HR, Heart Rate, Temperature & Activity Transponder心率温 度和活动转发器



040-0002-00 Implantation Kit & Instructional DVD植入转发器及教学DVD



Telemetry – used to monitor temperature,

gross motor activity and heart rate data.

Physiological and behavioral monitoring oftransgenic mice and other laboratory animals has never been simpler. Through the use of biotelemetry and a variety of available sensors, it is possible for VitalView to monitor up to seven different physiological or behavioral parameters from a single laboratory subject.

With you can and to your favorite analytical software package.

Combinations of the following parameters may be monitored for multiple laboratory subjects using VitalView:

  • Body Core Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Gross Motor Activity
  • Running Wheel Turns
  • Drinking/Licking Frequency
  • Feeding Behavior
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Light

VitalView Series 3000 and 4000

The VitalView system is made up of a series of components that work together to monitor a wide variety of sensors: VitalView and . These sensors are assigned to one of these two series by the input device they require.

Physiological Parameter

Sensor Type

VitalView Series

Body Core Temperature

Implanted or

3000 or 4000

Gross Motor

Implanted or

3000 or 4000

Heart Rate



Behavioral Parameter

Sensor Type

VitalView Series

Running Wheel Turns

Magnetic Switch


Licking Frequency

Lick Sensor


Feeding Duration and Frequency

Infrared Feeding Monitor


Ambient Temperature

Ambient Temperature Probe


Ambient Light

Ambient Light Probe


VitalView Series 3000 components use parallel data inputs that must be routed through a DP-24 DataPort to the PC. Each DP-24 DataPort is capable of accepting 24 channels of incoming data. Up to 10 DP-24 DataPorts may be combined in one VitalView System.

VitalView Series 4000 components use serial data inputs that must be routed through the serial port on your PC. Up to 32 receivers and 96 channels of incoming data may be received in this fashion.

Vitalview Series 4000 System

New Addition to the G2 Family!!
Due to the popularity of our G2 E-Mitter, released a year ago, our engineers have developed a G2 Heart Rate (HR) E-Mitter that is nearly half the size (by volume) of the original (Standard) HR E-Mitter. Ideal for use in mice, the new G2 HR E-Mitter uses the same ER-4000 Energizer/Receiver and VitalView data acquisition components as all other E-Mitters.

Standard E-Mitters and G2 E-Mitters monitor temperature and gross motor activity. Heart Rate E-Mitters monitor heart rate, temperature, and gross motor activity.

G2 E-Mitter (top)
Standard E-Mitter (bottom)

Standard HR E-Mitter (top)
G2 HR E-Mitter (bottom)

ER-4000 Energizer Receiver

No batteries are required to operate this revolutionary system. These special transponders (E-Mitters) allow you to forget about batteries and the recalibration necessary after battery changes. By allowing you to dispense with the time and money required for refurbishment and recalibration, they increase your productivity and allow you to follow animal care and use protocols more closely.

Temperature Monitoring

Mini Mitter has been the source for small animal temperature telemetry for over 30 years. With our Series 4000 E-Mitters, monitoring body core temperature can be performed with a minimum of effort. These temperature sensitive devices alter their pulse rate in response to temperature changes. The VitalView system records the average rate and converts this to temperature using temperature calibration values specific to each unit.

Activity Monitoring

The Gross Motor Activity Measure provides a basic index of movement for subjects implanted with an E-Mitter. As the subject moves, movement of the implanted E-Mitter results in subtle changes in the transmitted signal. These small changes are detected by an ER-4000 Receiver via telemetry and noted as activity counts. VitalView records these counts to produce a longitudinal record of m, ovement.

Circardian rhythms analyses recently got better! Due to your requests, VitalView 4.1 software now includes an additional filter that gives you a clearer view of ER-4000 activity rhythms. Click on the examples below to see the difference!

Heart Rate Monitoring (only available with Standard and G2 HR E-Mitters)

VitalView can record Heart Rate information reported in Beats Per Minute using the PDT-4000 HR and G2 HR E-Mitters. Heart Rate is determined by recognition of the electrical signals that stimulate the heart muscle to contract. These signals are processed and interpreted by the E-Mitter. The results are transmitted to the ER-4000 Energizer Receiver via telemetry.

E-Mitter Specifications - Standard E-Mitter

  • Weight:
    • Temp. & Activity E-Mitter = 1.6 grams
    • Temp., Activity, & Heart Rate E-Mitter = 2.2 grams
  • Size: 23 x 8 mm
  • Volume: 1.13 cc

E-Mitter Specifications - G2 E-Mitter

  • Weight: 1.1 grams
  • Size: 15.5 x 6.5 mm
  • Volume: 0.52 cc

E-Mitter Specifications - G2 Heart Rate E-Mitter

  • Weight: 1.5 grams
  • Size: 20 x 6.5 mm
  • Volume: 0.65 mm3

ER-4000 Specifications

  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Size: 56 x 29 x 7 cm

Behavioral Monitoring

VitalView is capable of monitoring input from lab animals using several types of switch closure sensors. These types of sensors are commonly used for recording subject behaviors simultaneously with temperature, gross motor activity and heart rate recordings.

These types of behaviors can be monitored with VitalView:

Some sensors will require special caging arrangements.

Behavioral monitoring is accomplished using Series 3000 data inputs through a DP-24 DataPort. Each DataPort is capable of accepting 24 channels of incoming data. Up to 10 DP-24 DataPorts may be combined in one VitalView System.

Series 3000 and 4000 components may be used in the same VitalView system.

For a diagram of how these components may be assembled to form a system capable of meeting your needs, please download a or fill out our and we will send one to you.

Running Wheel Turns

Running Wheel Turns are recorded using a Magnetic Switch. The switch itself is mounted to the support frame of the running wheel. A magnet is attached to the wheel itself. As the wheel turns, the switch silently counts the number of times it is passed by the magnet.

Running wheel turns may be recorded using our new or .

Drinking/Licking Frequency

Lick Sensing is an index of drinking behavior. It is accomplished by counting the number of times that the subject touches the water bottle nipple. This is accomplished whenever the subject completes a very low current electrical circuit between the water bottle nipple and a metal floor plate or wire grid floor.

The Mini Mitter lick sensor is a complete solution for this type of monitoring. It includes the floor plate, mounting brackets, water bottle and the special non-conductive coverings required for successful use. It is necessary to make a small modification to animal domicile cages in order to mount the lick sensor floor plate. 100 and 250 ml water bottles are available.

Feeding Behavior

Our Infrared Feeding Monitors are positioned over a Nalgene Feeding Assembly so whenever the subject moves to feed, an infrared beam is broken. The number of times that this beam is broken provides feeding frequency information while the period of time that the beam is broken provides feeding bout duration information. This combination provides an index of feeding behavior.

Infrared feeding monitors are designed for use with Nalgene Feeding Assemblies. These assemblies come as a standard part of or may be fit to .

Mini Mitter Running Wheels

This 11.5 cm (4.5 inch) diameter wheel is inexpensive and durable. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel support system components: wheel, frame, axles, collars, fasteners, and clips. The new design uses bronze bushings for low friction and squeak-free.

A unique magnetic switch counts turns and slides into a spring clip for easy assembly and dissassembly making cage changes and cage washing simple and effortless. A glass tube protects the components from gnawing teeth for worry free recordings.

Mini Mitter Running Wheel Features

  • Designed to be fully contained within your standard home cage
  • Hangs from most any wire grid lid
  • Accurately counts wheel turns from voluntary wheel running
  • Fully compatible with our VitalView data acquisition system and ER4000 transponders
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly
  • All stainless steel construction with bronze bushings

VitalView Software

Whether you are monitoring temperature, activity, and heart rate with implanted E-Mitters, behavioral parameters like running wheel turns, or a combination of them all, VitalView software provides the tools you need to direct data collection, pre-process data, and export the collected data to your preferred data analysis software.

And now, VitalView 4.1 has new, improved filtering for ER-4000 activity monitoring.

VitalSense Integrated Physiological Monitor-无线遥测:体温、心率-临床研究

Go Wireless with VitalSense!


Monitor your subjects without the nuisance of wires or probes that can get tangled, snagged, pulled at and pulled off. VitalSense wireless sensors free your subjects and provide a more convenient, reliable and satisfying solution. The VitalSense System includes wireless sensors, a small monitor, software and accessories. VitalSense is designed to be effective for monitoring temperature, in active or inactive subjects and in indoor and outdoor environments such as:

  • Clinical trials
  • Sports Medicine Research
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Military medicine/mili, tary training
  • Pre- or post-operative outpatient monitoring
  • Healthcare telemedicine <, LI>Hazardous occupations

VitalSense monitors can receive transmissions from multiple miniature, wireless, temperature sensors. Core temperature is sensed by the ingestible capsule. Dermal temperatures are recorded from hypoallergenic, non-irritating, adhesive dermal patches.

Both sensor types are disposable, but designed for multi-day use under demanding physical and environmental conditions. Both types of sensors use low-power radio frequency transmissions to communicate with the Monitor.

Temperature Sensors

VitalSense offers two types of temperature monitoring - core body and skin temperature. The new technology employed by VitalSense disposable telemetric sensors provides accurate data that can be transmitted and logged continuously for up to 10 days. The unique ID of each sensor is automatically identified by the VitalSense monitor to avoid cross-talk among sensors on the same subject or in close proximity.

Core body temperature (CBT) is measured by an ingestible, biocompatible, and easy to swallow that is disposable. Skin temperature is measured by a hypoallergenic and water-resistent dermal patch that is also disposable.

Ambient skin temperature is measured with the that can be placed at many different locations on the body to record skin temperature

VitalSense-XHR Heart Rate & Respiration Sensor


The is an innovative, compact device that wirelessly transmits Heart Rate and Respiration Rate to the VitalSense telemetric physiological monitoring system. This state-of-the-art sensor enables researchers to monitor heart rate and respiratory rate on ambulatory subjects.

The XHR is a chest-worn wireless physiological monitor that incorporates an ECG-signal processor. It attaches to two standard ECG pads or to a dry electrode band. The XHR senses heart rate and respiratory rate and transmits the data in near real time to the VitalSense monitor four times per minute. The monitor logs the data in nonvolatile memory.

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